World Bicycle Day

We celebrate World Bicycle Day.

The United Nations (UN), in 2018, has designated June 3 as World Bicycle Day. In their declaration, the United Nations recognizes the bicycle as a simple, accessible, reliable, clean and environmentally friendly means of transport. The bicycle can be used not only for leisure purposes, but also as a means of transportation for access to work, education and sports, providing significant benefits for our individual health and the environment.

The City of Alexandroupolis supports and encourages actions aimed at sustainable mobility, among them the promotion of cycling as a safe and environmentally friendly means of transportation.

As part of the celebration of World Cycling Day on June 3, 2020, the City of Alexandroupolis organizes a series of actions aimed at encouraging and promoting the use of bicycles, so that daily use of the bicycle is a sustainable way for everyone.

One of the actions is exercise using a stationary bike. On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, from 20:30, thirty (30) stationary bicycles will be lined up on the coastal avenue of the city, observing the necessary distances and precautions. Citizens will be able to take part in a different fitness challenge and test their endurance, as cycling is a means of exercising and strengthening fitness.

We invite all our fellow citizens from the age of thirteen (13) onwards, to try a different challenge of fitness and a different way of exercising using a stationary bicycle.

More information about the activities organized by the City of Alexandroupolis for the celebration of World Bicycle Day can be found on the website of the Municipality, at the following link:


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