• Spinning


    The Spinning is a group program of intense interval training using indoor special bicycle on an appropriately equipped room. It is aerobic exercise with a stationary bike special technology, which is based on the continuous change of intensity according to the rhythm of music.

    Intensity, energy, expansion and much sweat are the key features. Two to three times a week is enough to see your body transform. A complete program lasts 45-50 minutes.

  • Cross Training

    Cross Training

    Continually applying new types of exercise, very different from what we call your conventional invite you to discover Cross Training. This complex activity, which may include many aerobic and anaerobic activity in a single workout.

    Alternating the type of exercise in the same workout, it is really difficult to get bored. Also, the choice of multiple activities allows the practitioner to integrate the many kinds of choice of activities.

  • Personal Training

    Personal Training

    The personal touch of the exerciser with gymnasts and gymnasts is our priority. The training program is designed according to the possibilities and needs of each. This achieves maximum effect and the exerciser becomes the basis for a healthy body and a better lifestyle.

    For more information about sessions or Personal Training packages contact the gym.

  • TRX


    The TRX fitness program is a dynamic circuit training performed by popular bands TRX Suspension Trainers, using as resistance weight.

    This innovative training method improves strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and injury prevention, and the intensity level that suits the trainee.

  • Gym


    In En Somati you will find a fully equipped fitness facility with the most modern machines and free weights. Under the supervision and constant guidance of our trainers, you can preferentially exercise the times you choose, with a limited number of people, to ensure the best possible quality of service to you

  • Group Training

    Group Training

    Discover a new dimension in gymnastics through En Somati group programs, combining the benefits of group exercise and Personal Training. The aim of each program is effective training, skills development and fun while exercising.

    You can choose your program:
    • Brazilian Butt - Power Bars
    • TRX - Killer ABS
    • H.I.I.T. your TRX (ABS - HIPS)

  • Sports Nutrition and Exercise Services

    Sports Nutrition and Exercise Services

    We provide athletic nutrition counseling services in relation to their athletic performance. Nutrient Timing programs, Nutrient Timing Planning, Food Intake, Functional Food and Nutritional Supplements in relation to the type of exercise (Resistance Exercise, Aerobic Exercise), Meal Frequency and Changes body composition, hunger / saturation and biochemical indicators, etc.

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